The first Ukrainian fablab,

IZOLAB, is a project aimed at popularizing science and digital manufacturing technologies.

This is a digital factory, which allows users to produce virtually any physical object using machines with numerical control (CNC), as well as manual and electrical tools for working with woods, plastics and metals.

IZOLAB is an environment for the production of unique items, models, and prototypes. Designers, engineers, and architects can access all the necessary tools for their projects.

In addition, IZOLAB Is a community of like-minded people with whom you can discuss ideas, share experiences and get inspiration. one of the aspects of the studio’s activities includes master classes and workshops on various topics: from the manufacture of micro-robots from toothbrushes and vibration to programming microcontrollers.


The Fab lab concept was first developed in the center of Bits and Atoms at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It provides high-precision equipment that can be used by anyone, even without a technical background. The main objective of fab lab is to create a proper atmosphere for production, so users can quickly and technically produce unique objects.

Our experience

25 training workshops in various areas, which were attended by about 500 people

15 events - lectures, presentations, conferences

12 commercial products - training kits, musical gadgets, souvenirs

3 themed community - parametric modeling, experimental architecture, home bioengineering


Through our laboratory, 3 successful businesses were established:  leather accessories, architectural modeling, and jewelry.